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Say farewell to year 2015 and welcome a shiny new year 2015, send glad new year sms/instant messages , new year welcome and quotes to your companions, family and friends and family.

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Might God Bless And Protect You in 2016

new best sms for happy new year

Might The Stars Shine Upon Your Life,

Might Gorgeous Flowers Blossom Your Life

Might The New Year Rock Your Life

What's more, May God Bless And Protect You

All Through The Year.

Wish You Happy New Year!

New Year Expectations for This Morning

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Might Your Expectations

In This New Year Morning

Be Realized With Each And Everyday Of The Year.

This Is To Wish You A Good Health

That Will Maintain The Energy

To Flip Your Wing

While Soaring Into Greater Heights

Towards Your Destiny.

New Year SMS for Children

new sms for new year

Keep in mind How We Would Cry And Hide

In the wake of Making Mistakes As Children?

Today I Still Run And Cry To You

When I Make Mistakes.

I Cannot Imagine Who Better

To Count On As Years Go By,

Cheerful New Year to all youngsters and Kids far and wide.

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To start with Good Morning of New Year 2016

This Past Year Was Flawed,

We Were Only Human.

The Past Year Was Just A Year,

Only The Past.

Presently Is The Dawn Of A New Beginning,

What's more, The Start Of The New Year.

On To Better Times,

What's more, A Year's Whose Flaws Are

Not any more Serious Than A Pin Prick.

Glad First Good Morning of New Year 2016

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Great Morning and Happy New Year Greetings

This Is To Convey

My Warm Happy New Year Greetings

For You And Your Family.

Might Your Every Daybreak Usher

In A New Reason To Smile

Each Time You Are Around Your Family

Since It Will Always Be

A Source Of Joy And Gladness.

Great Morning...!

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